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A good metaphor for life...

Jonathan Warren
Tags: #life, #travel, #tv

I was sitting half-watching Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" show on the Travel Channel tonight where he was roaming around Shanghai, China and Tibet when something that he said towards the very end of the show got caught by my subconscious. I don't feel like staying up until 2am to double check the accuracy of what I heard, so this is not an exact version, but close enough to get the point across.
Your trip has a beginning and an end, what's important is the stuff that happens in between.
This fits just a trip overseas to China in search of the mythical place of Shangri-La (like Anthony Bourdain was), a family vacation, or life itself. There's that other saying that "life's a trip" (and, no, I'm not talking about that other Travel Channel show by that name).

All we can do is to strive each and every day to enjoy the journey. We don't know when we'll reach the end, we don't know when someone we care deeply for will reach the end of their journey, so let's not fight or stay mad at one another, let's not pout away in isolation, let's get out there and enjoy life. Do at least one thing each and every day that brings you some measure of joy.

Remember, what's important isn't the end... it's what we do each and every day that we're on this trip called "life".