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Jonathan Warren

Change is a good thing, right? I mean, without change we'd become complacent, loose our spark, and basically loose the will to go on. Major change, however, takes that to a whole new level.

Major change has only come along a few times in my life: going to Michigan State, buying a house, and moving to Nashville. The normal sized and minor changes, such as changing jobs or moving just a few miles, have almost been too numerous to count.

I'm once again feeling a need to make a major change. Like before, I'm feeling apprehensive. However, unlike once before I'm not going to rush into making this change. If you've never tried finding, financing, buying, closing, and moving into a house in just half of the month of February -- in Michigan -- then you've never rushed into a major change. :-)

I had twice that amount of time when I moved to Nashville, but I still made the mistake of moving before finding a job -- and it cost me... a lot.

This time around I'm going to take my time and make sure that this change (and timing) is the right thing to do. A week, or so, ago when I wrote the 1st draft of this post I said that I was thinking "8-12 months". I'm now thinking that might be a bit too much time. I just know that it won't happen until next year -- the lease isn't up until the end of the year.

What I know are these:
* I will be moving to Chicago sometime in 2013
* The move will cost me a job I love where I'm getting to work for someone who understands me and with really good people
* The move will cost me a bit of money
* I'll, more than likely, have to lower the amount that goes into savings each payday
* I, more than likely, won't be able to keep my grill, which really sucks because I just figured out how to perfectly do true BBQ
* I'll have to sell a lot of things (but I should've done that a long time ago)
* I'll have to start over on the ole friend-front
* I'll miss the live country music shows and songwriter nights I used to attend often
* I'll be a reducing my distance to home by half
* I'll be back in BigTen territory
* I'll be back where, when it's cold, there's snow
* I'll be next to a big ole body of water -- and my favorite one at that
* I'll be living, for the first time, in an actual "big city" (Nashville, which I thought was big, isn't.)
* I won't have to pass by places which remind me of people who brought serious pain to my life and caused me an extreme amount of financial hardship on a daily basis
* I'll be able to "start over fresh"
* I'll get into better shape, from all the walking I'll have to do to get most places