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Finally set free

Jonathan Warren

A few years ago I thought I had found true
love. Instead that love was taken advantage of.
This has scarred me for most of the last couple
of years. Should it have? Maybe not for you,
but we all heal differently. I've had several
set-backs along the way. But today I'm on my
way towards recovery, once again. I can only
pray that this time there will be no relapses.

I've lost friends.
I've lost a city I loved and felt at home in.
I've lost jobs.
I've lost money.
And, yes, I almost lost myself.

Scorpios are supposed to be survivors. But we
also feel emotions much more than others. This
trait made moving on not an easy thing.

Today, as I write this, I'm able to listen to
those sad songs we used to love without any tears.
I'm surprised by this: I'm almost feeling no emotions
by these songs today.

I made a promise -- a vow -- to someone, promising
to love until my dying day, no matter what may
happen or who should come along. Today I realize
that I made that promise to someone who
didn't exist. And, because she never truly existed,
I'm no longer bound to my promise. I'm set free by this.