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To those I've hurt...

Jonathan Warren

I might be wrong about a lot of things -- especially those said in the heat of the moment -- for that, I'm truly sorry.

I wish that you could "just see" the points I've tried making, without the need for some longer "explanation," because, inevitably, any longer explanation would be missing the point -- and lead to me getting upset. Again. I'm sorry I don't explain myself well at times. And I really do, honestly -- it takes days to recover -- regret getting upset with you.

I guess I'm just not an orator. Sorry about that.

Oracle I'm not either, although I do see the world differently than most. This frustrates me far more often than it should. Yes, I'm sorry that I often express that frustration in a way that makes you think I'm frustrated, upset, or angry with you. Most of the time, it's myself that I'm upset with and it just gets misdirected.

If only my frustrations didn't spill over the way they do, our relationship wouldn't be as wrought with pain as it (from my perspective) often is. I guess I can be a bit nuclear (like a hydrogen bomb going off) when I work up that head of steam. I don't like it when I get that way. I just wish I had a better way of expressing myself and (more importantly) handling frustrations.

I'll try to be better, but I know I'll fail as I've failed many times before. I know I'm a creature of habit. I care... I care too much. I'm loyal... but maybe to the wrong people, companies, or thoughts. But I'm a pain in the ass to know. And I can only hope you stick around for my good side.