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My Pain Will Never Stop

Jonathan Warren
Category: Poetry

My friend,
the silence you have given me
all these days,
all these night,
about your feelings for me
have caused a pain
so deep,
so strong,
that I fear it will never stop.

All I wanted,
all I needed,
all I ever asked for,
was an answer,
was a response,
to my I love you's,
to my kisses,
to my hugs.

Yet, all I got in return
was silence.
No kisses,
no hugs.

I've tried to reach you
in every way I know,
but apparently I've failed.

If you did try to tell me,
if you did try to let me know,
I really missed your message.
But, I don't think I did,
and I don't think you did.

So, the pain you've caused
by your silence,
by your inaction,
will never stop.

The scar you've left
on my heart,
in my mind,
will never heal
and will affect our friendship

My friend,
I needed to try to tell you,
to try to let you know,
that the pain you've caused
by your "little secret"
will never stop.