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You Will Never Know

Jonathan Warren
Category: Poetry
Tags: #love, #poetry

Being without you
tears my heart,
tears my soul,
tears my entire being completely apart.

But you will never know
and I just don't have the nerve to tell you.

So, the void in my chest
will remain,
will not be filled,
will continue causing me pain.

Oh, how can I let you know?
How can I make you see,
make you understand,
what you do to me?

Why must this pain go on?
Why am I forced to endure this loneliness?

You are the only one I want,
but if I let you know...
how can I?
Will you ever know?

I love you
with all of my heart,
with all of my soul,
with my entire being.

But, really,
all I want
all I need,
is you to be happy.

Of course, I'd rather that you found
your happy family life with me.
But you are too great a person
to go on being lonely.

You will find someone
that I know.

I just pray that
that someone will treat you
with all of the respect
and gives you all of the love
that you so richly deserve.

Yes, you've had past loves.
Yes, they've left you.
Yes, you've been hurt.
So have I.

But, my dear,
you will find true happiness one day.

Yes, I know that
the stars are stacked against me.

So I'm resigning myself
to the inevitability that you'll
never be my love,
never be with me,
never fill the void that only you can fill.

I will survive.
Don't worry about me,
but know that I will always worry about you!
Know that my love for you will never die!

Know that I will always be there
if you ever need me,
ever need my help,
ever need my shoulder to cry on.

I love you,
but you will never know...