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Discovery Channel's "Plane Crash"

Jonathan Warren
Category: Reviews

If you fly, you should really watch (it's on the Science Channel right now) Discovery's Curiosity: Plane Crash.

I did. What I can tell you is this: I won't be sitting in the front several rows again.

Seeing a 727 (which several currently flown planes are based upon), in a controlled crash, have the nose snap off midway between the nose and front of the wings... Wow! Just Wow!

Had this been the plane on which I flew back from Chicago, I'd have barely been OK. Maybe. I'd probably have several broken bones... and maybe would've even been killed... just from the force of the impact. I sat above the cargo hatch in front of the wings. That was still attached -- by 2 or 3 rows.


They say "no two crashes are the same". So it's entirely possible that had the rear hit first (instead of the front wheels), things would've been worse in the back.

But with all the cabling that came out of the ceiling along the aisle, I'm not sure I'd really want to be too far in the back anyway.

Like I said, you really should try to watch the whole show so you know what went into it. Or at least the last 45-30 minutes where they go into some of the data they gathered from the instrumentation. But... if you're only wanting the 38-second version that doesn't really tell you much, here's a clip I found on YouTube of just the crash.